Office Setup

Office is fully equipped with top of the line automation systems and productivity tools.
Real time communications maintained across departments / functions through modern communication work flow systems. 
MIS is being controlled by custom made designed software based on SQL Platform, VB (Backhand) and Crystal for Reports, Tally and MS Office.etc.

Warehouse Setup

All dry provisions are procured from the whole sale market and stored in our warehouse keeping in mind the expiry date. FIFO method is being followed and avoids overstocking. 
Fresh vegetables and fruits are procured as and when required basis and the same dispatch after re-resorting and packing. 
Non-veg items are procured in three monthly cycles and are stored in deepfreeze, which are kept after checking the quality, blast Freezing and packed individually.

Transportation & Staffing

Own vehicles for transporting raw material and cooked food  Efficient and responsible staff.
They are equipped to perform their duties to the fullest. With special emphasis to hospitality and support activities.


Saraf Corporation India Pvt. Ltd., Infrastructure. Office Setup