Catering Services

Saraf offers a robust solution for all of your catering requirements. Whether on an offshore rig, Industrial setting or anywhere else workers need a satisfying meal, we are there! Our logistics / procurement staff, work hand in hand with our chefs, to provide uninterrupted supplies of ingredients and goods, who in turn deliver world class food services. Our chefs prepare meals that meet and exceed international standards. They work in concert with registered dieticians to customize and deliver meals appropriate for your settings. To succeed in catering, we pay special attention to innovation. We treat food for what it is “Joy in life!” For your staff that works tireless hours, mealtime is often a much awaited excitement of the day. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that those expectations are not let down. We are constantly innovating new tastes, presentation and palates to cater to your staff’s varying moods. We believe, "If it is not good enough for our family, it is not good enough for your family!”. Our services are fully scalable and customized to your specific requirements. From small exploratory rigs to full scale drilling platforms we are there with the same level of care, dedication and commitment. Often we are asked, how do we maintain the quality of our catering services? The answer is simple:
  • It starts with an intense process of selecting the very best suppliers to provide us the very best products and supplies.
  • We constantly learn from and apply International Health, Hygiene & Safety standards. To ensure we don’t slip, we periodically Audit the adherence to these standards.
  • Our Chefs and catering team has been put together after intense review of very many qualified candidates, with only the best making it to the team. Not only are they very well qualified but also have the right attitude for the job.
  • Our team undergoes regular training to reinforce our values and to learn new techniques of efficiency & improved services.
  • Constant innovation.We understand catering can very quickly get mundane and boring even if delivered with high quality. We constantly innovate to enhance and bring variety to our foodservice.
  • Paying attention to Hygiene, Nutrition and Ambience. We understand catering is more than just the taste of the food, we pay close attention to ensuring the cleanliness & health value of the food and presenting it all in a delectable way.
With the quality of service we provide we have managed to maintain one of the highest client retention rates in the industry!

Award Winning Chefs

Award Winning Chefs are always doing innovations to serve our clients in better way. Also Chefs beautifully crafed dishes with innovative ideas keep food lovers always satisfied. Catering Staff

Catering Staff